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Botox and Filler: What They Are and How They Work!

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Welcome back to Beauty Prescribed! We (as in Matt and Kathleen) are talking today about injectables such as botox and dermal fillers and what they are and what they do. We offer up some advice and tips for those of you who are considering injectables but want to know a little bit more about them first.

We are doing that by tackling questions submitted by our clients such as what botox is and how it works, how to know how much botox one needs, at what age someone should or usually does start getting botox treatments, what botox units are, what dermal fillers are and how they work, how much dermal filler one might need in a treatment, what kind of pain one could expect from lip injections, where the most popular place on your face to get fillers is, whether or not jawline contour is a filler product, and more!

Botox is such a huge investment that you're making in your skin and looking your best, so we know how important it is for you to be well informed and hope that this is helpful for you! We appreciate you joining us again! Please be sure to subscribe to the podcast and to visit our website for more information! Until next time, take care!

Time Stamps

[0:32] – This episode's topic is revealed to be injectables.

[0:51] – Matt reminds us of Kathleen's role at H2T Skin and Laser Center.

[1:26] – Learn what botox is and how it works.

[2:55] – Matt addresses a common misconception surrounding botox.

[4:43] – Kathleen asks how someone knows how much botox they need.

[6:16] – Matt reveals how often botox treatments are needed.

[7:25] – Discover what age someone should start botox treatments.

[9:30] – Matt explains what botox units are.

[11:42] – Matt deconstructs the biggest misconception about botox.

[13:40] – Matt explains what dermal fillers are.

[15:36] – Matt answers a question about how much dermal filler one might need.

[17:12] – Kathleen asks about pain associated with lip injections.

[18:46] – What is the most popular place to do a filler?

[19:58] – Discover whether or not jawline contour is a filler product.

[21:46] – Matt discusses the biggest misconception about filler products.

[22:42] - Matt encourages us to start with botox if we are new to injectables.


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