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Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Beauty Prescribed! We thought that it would be fun to chat today about what it has been like for Matt and his business partner and husband John to build H2T Skin and Laser Center as a brand and what it has been like working together. We dive in by touching upon how Matt and John met and how they have been married for nearly eleven years now. We also reveal how H2T came to be and how we have built its brand, whether or not it has been difficult for Matt and John to balance their work lives with their personal lives, what they are most proud of when it comes to the business, whether or not they regret anything about the business, and where they hope to take the business over the next five years.

Matt and John also offer some helpful advice to anyone who might be thinking about pursuing a big dream like starting their own business, emphasizing that you have to be willing to take risks and have to be able to expect challenges and obstacles. They also argue that it's important to always be true to yourself rather than get caught up in trivial things like being famous on Instagram.

We close with a few rapid-fire questions for Matt and John such as which one of them said “I love you” first, what their favorite thing to do outside of work is, and what they especially love about each other. We, again, really appreciate you joining us again for another episode of the podcast! Please be sure to subscribe if you aren't subscribed already and to visit our website for more information, and until next time, take care!

Time Stamps

[0:49] – This episode's topic is what it's like for Matt and John to work together.

[1:16] – John reveals how he and Matt met.

[1:57] – Matt and John have been married for nearly eleven years.

[2:27] – Learn about the H2T brand and what falls under its umbrella.

[3:24] – Matt explains how beauty treatments became his full-time position.

[5:07] – Hear about all of the elements of H2T and what it offers.

[5:59] – Has it been hard for Matt and John to balance their work lives with their personal lives?

[7:19] – What about their business are Matt and John most proud of?

[8:42] – John and Matt assert that they don't regret anything about the business.

[9:58] – Kathleen asks Matt and John where they see H2T going in the next five years.

[11:10] – John explains what salon suites are.

[12:22] – John and Matt offer advice to anyone who wants to pursue a big dream.

[13:34] – Who said “I love you” first – Matt or John?

[14:11] – What is their favorite thing to do together outside of work?

[15:39] – Hear John reveal what he loves about Matt.

[15:56] – Matt reveals what he loves about John.


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