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Are you looking to feel your best? Are you curious about the constantly advancing non-surgical beauty trends? If so, thenBeauty Prescribedis the podcast for you! From botox to fillers and lasers to hydro-facials, we discuss the many treatments available in the aesthetic field of medicine!

In the premiere episode of the podcast, host of the podcast Matt (also known as The Medspalogist) gives you some background information about himself, revealing that he had been a registered nurse for twenty-three years who transitioned out of the hospital setting into aesthetics about a decade ago, and his nurse practitioner training will conclude next month! He is also the owner and founder of H2T Skin and Laser Center which has a team that provides all the latest in aesthetics and cutting-edge technology!

Also joining Matt on this journey is Kathleen, and we thought that, to help get to know Matt better, we would put together a list of rapid-fire questions that he would answer in this introductory episode. Matt reveals what his favorite treatment is and why, what his favorite product is and why, what product(s) Jennifer Lopez possibly uses, what his favorite food and cocktail are, whether he prefers Fendi or Louis Vuitton, and more!

We appreciate you joining us for our very first episode of the podcast! Our mission is to share the best and most innovative medical aesthetic treatments and recommendations, breaking them down for you so that you can make the best possible choices in your own self-care journey! Be sure to visit our website for more information, and until next time, take care!

Time Stamps

[0:26] – Matt outlines the overall purpose of the podcast.

[0:55] – Learn a little bit about Matt's background!

[1:53] – Matt introduces Kathleen, the Chief Marketing Officer of H2T.

[2:22] – Kathleen dives into some rapid-fire questions.

[2:35] – What is Matt's favorite treatment?

[4:01] – We learn what Matt's secret skincare weapon is.

[6:28] – Does Jennifer Lopez use olive oil or botox?

[7:43] – Matt reveals what his favorite food is.

[8:04] – Kathleen asks Matt what his go-to cocktail is.

[8:24] – Does Matt prefer red wine or white wine?

[8:34] – Matt prefers almonds to cashews.

[8:48] – Discover whether Matt prefers the beach or the lake.

[9:14] – Which does Matt prefer – Fendi or Louis Vuitton?

[9:20] The final question for Matt is – what has been the biggest learning experience of his life?

[10:33] – We are encouraged to reach out with more questions we might have.


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