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What Services Can I Expect from a Nurse Practitioner?

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Who is your provider at H2T Skin and Laser Center? We have been getting a lot of questions surrounding this so thought that now would be a good time to cover that on the podcast! We are spending today talking about who you can expect to see when you walk through H2T's doors, what the difference is between a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner, what led Matt to pursue his NP license, how the service that Matt provides patients is different from what his RNs provide, and much more!

We sincerely hope that this round of rapid-fire questions comes in handy for you and maybe answers some questions that you had yourself! Please visit our website for more information and/or book an appointment with us! Be sure to also subscribe to the podcast if you aren't already so that you never miss an episode, and until next time, take care!

Time Stamps

[0:41] – We learn that today's episode covers who one's provider is.

[1:22] – What is the difference between a registered nurse and an advanced practice nurse?

[3:02] – Matt argues that there are differences between people in medicine and NPs.

[3:35] – We learn that NPs are still RNs.

[4:13] – Matt reveals what drew him to pursue his NP license.

[5:30] – Are all medspas owned and operated by NPs?

[6:44] – Matt touches upon how his service differs from what his RNs provide.

[7:20] – Matt reiterates that many distinctions are just matters of formality.


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