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What Type of Self-care woman are you?

At H2T we often hear that you, our client, want to look more refreshed and feel vibrant.


Confident is the word that comes to mind. 


We understand that!  When you look good, you feel good. Hello confidence! 


The next thing we hear is that you are unsure about what treatments you actually need to give you the results you want.

We get that too. There are many options and self care is not a one size fits all approach!


So, we have taken the guess work out of it for you by creating several packages (with cost savings built in!) designed to meet your specific lifestyle and medical aesthetics goals!    


The quiz below will help you identify which services would work best for you. 



If you love your package but are looking for a little bit more, you can add any of our “Glam It Up” options to create a highly customized program just for you!  Each Glam It Up item is a special discounted rate only available to those who purchase packages!