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Advanced Plasma Therapy.jpeg

Advanced Plasma Therapy

 Advanced Plasma Skin Therapy is here!


The Medspalogist’s signature eye-lift, dubbed the “M-eye lift,” (pronounced ‘my’ lift) is his answer to a painless, non-surgical eyelid lift that is suitable for ALL skin types and tones.


Surface improvements will appear quickly as deep dermal collagen remodeling continues for months to years. The appointment is less than an hour, but the results are “permanent” while you continue to age naturally.


This is a non-ablative, nitrogen plasma skin treatment without downtime or the dot-like burn marks associated with other devices known as “plasma pens.”

Book with Matt or one of his specially trained M-eye lift providers (Nikki, Hannah, Sara)


one area for $1,000

two areas for $1750

three areas for $2250

four areas for $2500 


Questions? Direct all inquiries to